Environmental Justice


Creating a Just, Equitable, Resilient, and Sustainable World for All

The National Environmental Justice Institute will be the premier anchor institution of its kind of its kind in the country. It will strive to provide a broad array of services to front line and marginalized communities to both predict and mitigate existing challenges. The NEJI will be anchored at Atlanta Metropolitan State College and will take advantage of the academic campus, faculty and students. In addition, the NEJI will be a part of the institutes academic and administrative divisions, strengthening curriculum development, research capability and course offerings.

The NEJI will provide the institution with a national footprint and posture, giving it country wide platform for student and faculty recruitment, research, and outreach. Its unique blend of education and training,  science, research, engineering, analysis and evaluation.  Led by creativity and innovation and with imperatives of Equity, Resilience and Climate Action; the Institute will provide thought leadership and genuine engagement for the academic campus and immediate community. NEJI will manage the ECO District Metropolitan Parkway Corridor Project.

Leading with our Fantastic Partner…

What NEJI strives to deliver

Education & Training
Community Science
Technical Support
Community Development
Climate Science
Evaluation & Analysis

Engagement Areas

1. Environmental Justice

2. Health

3. Leadership Development

4. Energy

5. Racial Equity and Justice

6. Sustainability

7. Climate

8. Built Environment

9. Resilience