We empower organizations to execute sustainability initatives.

For Utilities, Governments (Cities, Counties, Regional Association, Municipal & State Governments, Federal Agencies), Business and Corporate, Academic Institutions, K-12 Schools, Authorities, Non Profits, Specialized Agencies and Authorities.

The Center for Sustainable Communities is a non-profit whose focus is to make communities greener, cleaner, safer and more climate resilient through an equity and environment justice lens.


The Center for Sustainable Communities advocates for communities in a number of areas including sustainable transportation, climate, health and wellness, comprehensive community revitalization, pollution mitigation, conservation, economic development, clean energy and energy efficiency, housing justice, youth engagement, STEM education, citizen science, emergency preparedness and restorations, equity, resilience, climate action and faith initiatives.


The Center for Sustainable Communities performs these duties through advocacy, activism, research, planning, evaluation and assessment, engineering, technical support, education and training, developing, policy development, application of science, community engagement and development, analysis, program and project management.

Center for Sustainable Communities is a global provider of project and program management, analysis, engineering and technical assistance, research, to help to redevelop communities from an economic basis.
To be the leading and global provider of services to make communities greener, cleaner, healthier, safer and more climate resilient.
Value Proposition
We provide a broad and comprehensive approach using the latest technology, innovation and state of the art cost effective solutions for our clients which include cities, counties; neighborhoods and communities.
Garry A. Harris

Garry A. Harris

Founder & President of the Center for Sustainable Communities

Board of Directors

Matt Robbins, Mitch Brown, Tonya Eddy, Kay Kelsey, Carolyn Aidman, Matt Mitchell, Colleen Kidman, Carl Brown, Art Frazier, Kathy Williams, Melanie Pearson and Ayana Gabriel


Just Energy Circle
Advancing Equity and Opportunity Initiative
GA Environmental Justice Alliance
Clean Power Plan Working Group
Demand Side Management Working Group
Energy Services Alliance
Emerald Cities Collaborative
National Environmental Justice Academy
Georgia Interfaith Power and Light
CREATE ( Culture; Religion; Enthics and the Environment)
WISE-E (Women in Science, Energy and the Environment)

What We Do

Engineering Services
Technical Assistance
Project Management
Program Development
Assesment and Evaluation
Community Engagement
Education and Training
Technical Staffing
STEM Education
Community Engagement

The Team

Julio Martinez—Executive Director

Michele Wiseman—Recycling & Sustainability

Matt Robins—Environmental Regulation, Environmental Justice, Community Engagement

Ally Ackerman—Environmental Engineering, Planning

Chris Crumo—Research & STEM Education

Mitch Brown—Housing, Commmunity Development & Engagement

Yeo Sing—Research, Policy, Community Engagement & Advocacy

Nathan Mictic—Public Health

Dawn Marchand—Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

Eric Moncheif—Sustainability, Communications

Affiliated Organizations and Collaborative Partnerships

EPA; CDC; Office of Sustainability; Emory University; University of Georgia; 100 Black Men of Atlanta; South Face Energy Institute; Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance; Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; Southern Environmental Law Center; Georgia Watch; Sierra Club; Arthur Blank Foundation; Office of Emergency Management; FEMA; NOAA; The Weather Channel; Georgia Environmental Justice Alliance; Leadership Atlanta; Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership; Regional Leadership Institute; Georgia Institute of Technology; Georgia STEAM Alliance;